Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Waking Up Is Hard To Do...

So we were back to preschool this morning. Have I mentioned that I hate getting up to go to preschool? Seriously. I've already done my 16 years of getting up for school, I'm totally over that, why am I having to do it again?! Keep in mind this is only two mornings a week, next year when we're dealt a full five day week there will be some serious posts dedicated to this very delicate topic. That's fair warning.

I guess preschool was pretty intense today as BLP who is all anti nap now asked me if she could take one this afternoon. Who am I to say no? Particularly when that means I catch catch 40 winks... Four hours later she wakes up. Four. Hours. (I'm not complaining, personally I'm all about marathon naps) She comes into my bedroom with LLP trailing behind and climbs into my bed, covering herself up (Oh no BLP, it's totally okay that you just sabotaged my bed after I went ahead and made it all hospital style, for the third time today, no, don't worry about it at all. Oh wait, you're not.) LLP starts yaking away at her and BLP turns to her, and in her most weak and pathetic voice she says 'Oh LLP, just let me lay here for a few minutes, I just need some quiet' and flops her head back on the pillow with her arm over her eyes. Clearly she inherited this dramatic personality from Mr. Pretties, since it wouldn't be from me. Obviously.

Since my camera is out of batteries once again, I forgot to copy and paste my new items pictures from Kijiji before they were deleted, and my plans to purchase a new pink Sony were foiled (I will have one early this year, I'm telling you), I shall share some recent pictures of the LPs.

Do you have any idea how difficult it is to coordinate three children in a photo? I think giving birth to them was a far easier task then try to get them to sit together without making goofy faces, closing their eyes, walking away mid picture, or crying (I don't like it when they cry either, it doesn't help).

Little girl's crack me up. From the time two sisters can verbalize they function on two phases. 1. I hate you, I don't want to play with you, go away, I'm telling Mommy. and 2. I love you, you're my best friend, let's go catch butterflies and chase rainbows while holding hands. These two functions can fluctuate by the second, so beware!

Just one of the guys... err... cats... Please note that LBP weighs a whopping 18lbs + now and is only now reaching the same girth as Wilma. She's very sensitive about her weight though, so we simply refer to it as 'festively plump'... whatever works Wilma... and she does not touch people food so we're not so sure what that's about. That is kind of a goobery picture of the LBP but the one I wanted I can't find and I have a sneaking suspicion that that creep the camera ate it. *Sigh* your day is coming camera, you just wait...

I will post stuff pictures soon, as in, maybe tomorrow.

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  1. aw, beutilful children! Isnt the routine of back to school refreshing? I have sure missed it over the festive holidays x