Friday, January 30, 2009

I Just Might Do It...

That's right guys, I *think* I'm going to tackle the couch reupholstering situation...
I'm thinking white/cream duck for the back cushions/arms/body and a muted sage or burgundy toile for the buttom seat cushions. Then I will clearly proceed to perform a ritualistic Scotch Guarding of the furniture as to prevent the LPs from sabotaging within the first 30 seconds it's in the livingroom.

I know, I know, who uses a white on a well used couch with kids, pets, and a husband, but I really want one... I was thinking I'd also either replace the foam in the cushions all together with synthetic down (Does anyone know how that works as furniture stuffing?) or just use synthetic down with the original foam to give the cushions that over stuffed plump look (not to mention oh so comfy feel) that's always fab. To me.

I also have a pair of large antique Bergere chairs that have the most atrocious fabric you can imagine, with dark wood kneed legs that I think will be hauled out of the basement and included in the makeover. This means I'll have to retire our love seat and replace it with these two chairs which will be upholstered in the muted toile with plump white duck pillows and the legs painted a shabby white/cream (I guess it all depends on the background of the toile whether the duck gets to be white or cream...) can't you just picture it? I can, Mmmm... Okay maybe you can't, you know, since you've never seen my livingroom/couch/chairs or loves seat and you don't have access to my brain (you should be thankful of that!).

Ofcourse I have never reupholstered anything in my life, does that matter? In my mind it's the easiest thing to do ever, as everything always is, until it comes to doing it. Now I've watched my fair share of Trading Spaces, Take This House and Sell It, I'm a Nester follower, and I've Googled it, and it really looks doable. I even tested my theory out with Beauty and The Beast sheets on the couch, and it seems to hold, so now to search for a sweet deal on duck! Oh, and talk Mr. Pretties into this whole scheme of recovering four large pieces... I'm sure he'll be all over it... *couch* Yeah... allllll over it...


  1. It sounds lovely! I have a chair that I have intended to reupholster for 7 years. Maybe this is the year :)

  2. Hi, I stumbled across your blog earlier and thought I'd say hi.

    Good luck with the upholstering - I'll be really interested to see how it goes. I'm a little apprehensive of doing it myself so I'll be watching your progress with it closely.