Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Fab Antique/Vintage Online Group/Forum

If anyone wants to join a fab group on antiques/vintage/shabby chic/cottage chic/arc. salvage and retro just let me know, I'll send you an invite! It's a ton of fun, there's some super knowledgeable folks on it, and everyone is really friendly. It already has 1300+ members, so you gotta know it's hopping!

Just a thought.

I shall return later with tales of child trauma and blood. Oh, and how this further proves I'm not the SHIRA (K, Pippa?) that I thought I was. Ugh.

And I've updated the blogroll again, there are now some really fab Shabby Chic blogs on there, enjoy :) I know, I know, no one needs more blogs to read, but don't you love it?!

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