Friday, January 9, 2009

Small Haul...

I think Mr. Pretties would be a better husband if he retired. As you know (due to my lack of presence) Mr. Pretties was vacay for the last couple weeks and it seems that when he's not stressed/annoyed/tired from work he's actually much more into things I like to do. And as we all know I like to find me some old things and bring them on home and fill my house until there is absolutely no room for any person to actually live in it. Oh wait, that's what Mr. Pretties says. I like to think of it as more of a rescue mission if you will, finding 'forever homes' for primitive pretties. We'll go with my thoughts on this one.

This week we picked up this bow front (the front is bowed, it just never shows up in pictures) dresser from England, I love it because it's uber shabby chic, it's got some nice chippy paint and great molding, it's all dovetailed and cute:

We also picked up a small dairy set this week. We have an S.C.C. 4qt Jar Churner (for butter), two hand carved paddles and a laddle (well loved, clearly), and a butter press w/what I believe is an acorn mold on the bottom. I may be going back to purchase the small round 'wheat' mould.

(Yes I stole this photo, I'm not climbing the kitchen counters to get it back down again. Yes it's already on display. Yes I'm selling it. Mine doesn't have the red though, you can see all the gears)

Lastly, we grabbed a set of Victorian cast iron. One is to hang on the wall and slip your receipts over the pin, and the other is a bill/paper clip. Both are fabulously ornate and I'm really fighting myself to keep them.

Please note I have absolutely NO use for these items, I just want them. I think I have some kind of want disease that borders on hoarding, but we'll save that self diagnosis for another time...
I even bit the bullet and listed them on Ebay lastnight (click the pictures for proof!), I'll let you know how that goes. Right now they're on display on the top of our cupboards. Mr. Pretties says that's a sure sign that I'm not selling them. He is incorrect. As usual. I'm simply keeping them safe until they find a new home. Oh, except for the churner... that baby is so mine. Don't look at me like that, I have to keep it, it matches the milk crate and milk bucket we have...


  1. Love your blog! I find it hard to part with a lot of what I "collect" or should I say buy to sell. No shelves or closet space left in this house!

    Very nice read.

  2. ooooh I LOOOOVE those cast iron pieces! I would've kept them! :p