Friday, November 7, 2008

Nom Nom Nom...

Oh My Goodness, I was looking for catnip toys for my personal Noah's Arc this evening (Yes I can make my own, but why?) and came across these. They're called WildMen and they're made by a very funny Etsian who's shop is called ArtToGo. These are what the WildMen actually look like, incase you can't see them through your giggle tears reading that LoLCat type caption.

This is their description:

This is a toy that's just as entertaining for you, as it is for your cat. I've been making catnip wildmen for my cats (I currently live with four) for many years. I make them from the most obnoxious and colorful polar fleece prints I can find. Bug, (that's him, doing a great job of demonstrating don't you think?) has never managed to tear one of these open. Oh, he chews and licks them, and they end up damp with kitty spit, BUT still intact. It's amazing! That polar fleece is mighty tough. I'm not going to guarantee that your kitty won't tear it apart, but Bug is a big ole moose, and if he can't tear it apart, it's not likely that your cat will. This toy is stuffed with catnip, and nothing else. I purchase the catnip, as I've tried to grow my own many times, but every year some creature(s) rolls all over my plants until they die (the plants, not the creatures.) These catnip wildmen are about 9” long, because Bug is a big kitty, and needs a big kitty toy. Postage is $1.50 for one, and $2 for two. Convo me with your color choice (black, purple, or multi) or, I'll pick one for you.
The description alone gave me the giggles. I don't know if it's lack of sleep, lack of brains, or total lack of control, but it just struck me funny. You know what happens when I think somethings funny? Well, yes, I have had three kids and my bladder isn't necessarily what it used to be, but that's not what I meant. Can't I have any privacy around here? I meant, that I share it with all of you. I know one of you out there is madly searching for something like a Wildman for you kitty love and I have delivered! Saved the day again no doubt.

Just incase you're not searching for a Wildman specifically, ArtToGo also creates pieces such as:

Vintage Crazy Quilt Hearts (You know I lurve me some shabby and vintage!)

And these gorgeous crazy colour scarves (I lurve me some wild colours!)

You can also catch her products here, at her personal website:

I've been thinking I'll change my name... perhaps to something that reflects my habit of devoting posts to other Etsy shops, organizations, and, basically anything that isn't hair clippies. Or, maybe I could mind my own business are worry about my own craft... but, what fun would that be?!

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