Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Am I A Desk, Or A Vanity...

... You decide...

Okay for those who're emailing asking me what I'm talking about here's the back story:

Mr. Pretties and I went junking this morning :)

BLP went to preschool this morning, LLP went to Aunt Pretties for the morning, and LBP is no problem at all, he's like not having anyone in the car at all. So, in our peaceful and quieted state we (I) decided to go junking at the thrift store.

This desk/vanity is what we (I) came up with, for a mere $5.

I'm not sure as of yet whether I'll flip it (at a reasonable price, clearly) or keep it... Mr. Pretties says flip it for extra Christmas money, I say 'wouldn't this look fabulous in the kitchen under that black shelf thing?!'

And so it goes...

I'll list it and we'll go from there.
If no one wants it, well, I guess I'll just have to keep it.
And put it in the kitchen.

(Top drawer is rounded and 'in' more than the rest and the stickers are currently being removed)

You can see how it's 'in' at the top and how it's constructed
Front of drawers
(That's a water drop, not a key hole) and castors with scallops along that bottom wooden strip.

Julie - Do you have any idea? I'm thinking vanity because of the 'mirror ledge' but what era?


  1. I'm thinking vanity. Maybe the '40's? I can't tell in its black state. I think you shoudl keep it because it would be too time consuming to flip before Christmas ;)