Friday, October 24, 2008

Simple Woman's Day Book...

...We're going to try something different today. It's from this website. Apparently I'm supposed to do this on Monday, so, we'll pretend that it's Monday, okay? And then I'll do it again Monday. Sounds good.
Here we go.

Outside My Window...It's gray and the leaves are changing
I am thinking... LBP, please, please take a nap today
I am thankful for... My children, my cats, french vanilla mix and apple cider mix, and sometimes Mr. Pretties. I guess.
From the kitchen... I know there is a mess waiting for me, doh! And I have to clean it up inorder to make my bread and cookies. Crap.
I am new comfy beige shirt and jeans that are still a wee ( By wee, I pretty much mean alot...yeah...) bit too tight from LBP's arrival. I have the plumbers crack thing going on, which I hate...
I am creating... More tutus. More and more and more. I've had to turn orders away which is also creating a headache.
I am going... To take a nap, provided everyone else cooperates then bake bread (with no bread machine folks!) and oatmeal cookies. Yay me.
I am reading... Nothing right this minute. I finished a cheapy love story lastnight, I'll start a new one at nap time this afternoon.
I am hoping... That I'll check the mail tomorrow and there'll be a letter from some long lost relative who left me a small (Or big, I'm totally okay with big too) fortune as well as their 100 year old victorian house.
I am hearing... LBP and LLP goofing around in their room when they should be napping.
Around the house... There are cats. Too many cats. I am constantly tripping over/stepping on/kicking one of them. All. The. Time. Ugh
One of my favorite things... Those long sleeved V-neck shirts from American Eagle, they're softest things ever and so comfy like.

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week:

*Finish my tutus in time for Halloween
*Finish BLPs Halloween costume
*Visit the bird aviary
*Attend a pumpkin carving party
*Obtain a pumpkin for said party
*Pick up dinner bunnies (as pets)
*Have company for dinner Sunday (not serving bunny, FYI)

Here is picture thought I am sharing
(I'll share two because they made me laugh. Again, complete with tears):

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