Friday, May 11, 2012

I Got SO Much ccoplished While MIA...

... Is what I would like to be saying right now! Truth be sold I have go so much of nothing done it's depressing.  Okay, that's a tad dramatic, but it is fairly irksome.

   So far, into our first spring living on the farmette we have.... cut the lawn.  The least farmy chore ever.  We have one acre of grass that needs to be cutting, seemingly on a bidaily basis! I would love to fence some of it off for livestock use, but alas, it's not our lawn really, so we can't be doing that.  Instead we bought a lawn tractor because that would make managing the amazon out there tons easy.  Or, it could just make it more of a pain when we have to run around ordering new tires because one bent right away, then finding someone to fix it when it started backfiring, etc... etc... all in all I think we've devoted a full 24 hours to the lawn tractor, and this does not include the part where it is actually cutting grass (which seems to be a smaller fraction that the time it spends not cutting the grass....)  I suggested we just buy a pair of ewes to do lawn duty, but, My. Pretties hasn't come around to that idea, just yet.  Give it another broken spark plug, or a fuel pump crack and I'm sure we'll see this grass plenty dotted with fluffy white sheep. He should have listened to me when I suggested this plan three months ago.

   We've come to find that our barn is inhabited by insanely nasty raccoons and their kits.  They will not allow us to enter said barn.  Essentially I'm paying rent on a house for us, and a barn for my homies the raccoon family.  Aren't I generous?  I thought so too.  And stupid. But that's neither here nor there.  Our chicken coop is attached the the raccoon barn.  This has raised concerns about putting the chickens in the coop (they currently reside in the garage still.  What? Don't yours? Oh.  You park your car in yours?  That sounds nice...) and in addition, our coop needs a crap ton of work done to it to make it liveable, which we haven't been able to do yet.  It needed to be done three months ago.  And we're supposed to pick up ducklings this weekend, so it needs to get done stat.

  I marked out our veggie patch and started shaving the grass off it.  Mr. Pretties interrupted me and it still isn't finished.  He's making claims of picking up a rototiller this weekend and getting it done before I have a mental breakdown about it.  I hope he is.  We need to be planting in a couple weeks and I need to put the fencing up and install the rain barrels at the foot of the beds. I tried to stick with heirloom seeds for the garden, and since I hear they're more difficult to grow, I'm a little worried.  But I really didn't want to do hybrids, or the like, so we'll just cross our fingers, toes, eyes, whatever.

   So we'll see what we shake out this weekend, hopefully little Owen's wrap comes in the post this morning so I can wear him all weekend and be a bigger help than I have been with only one hand in the past ;) I'll come back and let you know how it goes.  I wanted to post some pictures, but someone, dropped my new camera and it's DOA.  Add that to this weekends list, replace camera.

  Have a great Mother's Day weekend!!


  1. I am still laughing after reading this.

    In hindsight.... I would only buy heirloom seeds from the start that way you don't have to stop and think "is this a heirloom or hybred" when I want to save seeds, which is my problem at the moment.

  2. So Dear Jenn, here is my unsolicited advice...SLOW DOWN! Granted I never follow my own advice but I am old (53) and If I drop dead I'll be missed, sure, but I no longer have new born needing me. Yes, the work is never ending. Yes, you will always see things to be done that Mr Prettie is blind to but still, slow down, enjoy more. Play hide and go seek in the tall grass just don't forget to check for ticks when you all goto bed at night.