Sunday, February 5, 2012

We're Here!

Or…  More or less…

We officially arrived with our gear at ‘the farm’ Friday the 27th.  It is lovely. Words simply cannot describe what it’s like to have a dream, spend hours discussing it (to death), acquiring skills that will allows you to be more efficient when you achieve it, and then to actually be living it.  It’s still in the surreal stages I think, but it’s starting to feel more ‘normal’ everyday.  Or, as normal as can be when you still have a flock of chickens residing in your garage because your barn is currently too over run with dead raccoons…  not that I would know anything about that…
The time we spend here seems to be of such higher quality than when we’re anywhere else.  Everything smells better, tastes better, the water is softer, the scenery is fabulous, and you truly cannot beat having a woodstove.  Our enjoyment has become such that no one (with the exception of Mr. Pretties, because he’s a freak) wants to leave the house to go out.  This says a lot as we were very much an on the go family, spending a vast majority of our free time in the car.  Now I can’t see the point in leaving.  Why would we want to go spend time in civilization, noise, pollution, aggravation?  When I could be home watching a YouTube video on knitting (which, btw, is not going to help me, I’m beyond help), baking bread, snuggled up infront of the woodstove with my new copy of Joel Salatin’s ‘Folks, This Ain’t Normal’ (and I am SO enjoying this book, I’ve already ordered a few more of his books which I plan to devour as soon as they get here), or making Valentine’s with the littles.  We had to go into town to buy groceries Friday night, and that was only after we promised the littles that if we got all our shopping and errands done Friday night (they wanted to go home) that we could stay home for the rest of the weekend.  I never though we’d be having that discussion!  And stay home we did.  That was something that we were physically (mentally? Emotionally? Ridiculously?) incapable of accomplishing before.  A weekend at home only took place if the car was in being taken care of or we all simultaneously were suffering from food poisoning.  Not. That. Often. I love it! If I never had to leave the house again I would be a happy girl.  Funny, no one mentioned that moving into a rural area can quickly unleash your hermit instincts.  Or that it becomes almost impossible to stay awake past 10pm because the air is so fresh, and the atmosphere is so relaxing.  I used to have to play an hour of crappy iPod games just to be able to fall asleep at night, usually ending my day at 1 or 2am.  I longer have this dilemma.

So to say the least, we are so stoked to be here.  The girls are loving school, I think they fit in a lot better with their current school mates, as they have more in common and are more instep with our lifestyle.  Everyone who comes over doesn’t want to leave (and because I’m becoming a hermit, I want them to leave more) because it’s just so quiet and relaxing to be here.  Well, except when I’m cutting fishing wire off the rooster’s feet.  For the fourth time.  Because they keep finding a ball of it somewhere that I can’t locate.  That’s not relaxing or quiet…  Or when I spent two hours trying to start a fire in the stove because Mr. Pretties bought damp firewood by mistake.  That’s not relaxing or quiet either.  Quite the opposite, usually involving a lot of four letter words from my mouth.  But I think we have that sorted out ;)

So yay us, we’re here!!!  And we have wild turkeys!!!

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  1. Welcome HOME Jenn ! Can't wait to hear all your new adventures. Post lots of pics too