Friday, September 12, 2008

Is It Weird To Hang Pictures Of Random People?...

... Because I'd really like to.

Among other things I have a long standing love affair with old black and white photos. Tin types are even better. Particularly the older old ones of people who aren't smiling. I don't know why, they just appeal to me... Don't look at me like that, you all shouldn't be surprised! I'm one of those 'interesting' people who would buy victorian photo albums at the antique market or on ebay just because they're so appealing. I've curbed the desire thus far, but for how long? Then what what would I do with them all? No doubt Mr. Pretties would be all getting his knickers in a knot about becoming a storage facility for other peoples memories who's families obviously didn't care enough to hang onto them. I personally am okay with that however. I guess we could add that to my list of things I feel sorry for, old abandoned photos with no one to sit with a nice cup of tea and fawn over them regailing in times long past.

So anyways... Mr. Pretties brought home a box of photo albums that belonged to his parents and grandparents. I couldn't have been more thrilled if he'd brought me a bag of money. Srsly. It was like a card board treasure chest to me, I could hardly wait to put the kids down for their nap so I could pile them all on the bed and absorbed their musty marvelousness. Much to my extreme joy there were a couple black and white wedding albums. Big score! Black and white wedding pictures are basically the creme de la creme as far as black and white pictures go. We've decided that the empty wall in our livingroom will be devoted to black and white wedding photos of our parents/grandparents/etc... and we'll set them all up in various black frames. I'm stoked, it'll look pretty fab when it's done. Along with the very exciting find of the wedding photos we also found an album full of photos from the 1930's that don't appear to be family at all. Not only do we have no idea who or where they are, all the descriptions appear to be in french. Yes I am Canadian, no I cannot speak french. Sorry. I know enough to figure out basics like 'This is a picture of my daughter' but other than that I haven't a clue. None of Mr. Pretties family is from Quebec (Or France for that matter) so we have no idea where this very old gold guilded album came from but it's got the best pictures in it! We're suppose to return the albums to Mr. Pretties sister once we're done copying the pictures we want, but I'm thinking I might just forget to put this one in the box... she wont miss it. One picture inparticular in this album is of a nun and a priest sitting on old chairs on an old veranda. It sounds lame, but it just looks so neat! I'm having it blown up I think. Then perhaps I'll print it in sepia and hang it in our kitchen. So like I said, is it odd that I'd want pictures of people we don't know hanging in our house? Probably...

We're picking up 2 for 1 batteries tomorrow so I'll try to take pictures of the pictures (Does that ever actually work?) and post them. Maybe I'm the only one who gets enjoyment from things like that, it's entirely possible. I probably also the only who has saved a dragonfly out of a big puddle, a cicada from my cat, a fly out of our pond, climbed a 6' fence to feed a hobbling cat that looked starving, and debated putting yellow food colouring in the BLP's milk for yellow snack day all in a weeks time. Oh, and last week I saved a squirrel that one of the cats had stunned. Mr. Pretties face was priceless when he came home from work, went to put his coffee on the table on the porch only to discover a squirrel sitting in a cage watching him. Good times. For me. Mr. Pretties wasn't a happy camper, he thinks I'm trying to kill him...

Incase you're not familiar with Cicadas, this is what they look like:

There's just something about them that makes me laugh, they just look so hilarious! They're totally harmless, butt ugly, and make the weird noise in the trees in the summer. My cat likes to catch them because their wings make a weird noise when they fly, making it an excellent cat toy choice!

So if no one reads this blog after this post, I'll totally understand... I might stop reading it too actually...

I'm also a huge lover of old abandoned houses.

But I think that'll be tomorrow's post. I could easily dedicate an entire post to old abandoned houses. Add that to my list of things I feel sorry for too. I'm waiting for Mr. Pretties to win the lotto so that I can buy up all the old houses and renovate them, then turn them into no-kill animal shelters, veterinary clinics and bed and breakfasts'.

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  1. Wow, what a rich post! First off, you're not weird, well except maybe the "putting yellow food colouring in the BLP's milk for yellow snack day" ha ha. I don't even know what that means!

    I love old photographs too, even when I don't know who they're of. The first thing I'm attracted to on every table in an antique store are old black and white photographs. I've always wondered how people could let photographs of their own relatives go, but one of my aunts got divorced and was so angry that she just gave away everything to do with her ex, including their wedding album! (I'm holding it for her in case she changes her mind). So at least now I sort of understand. Plus, I'm guessing when relatives pass on, the kids and grandkids may not know who anybody is in the pictures and just pitch them. It's sad really. But I feel like if someone else can cherish the photos, then that's a lot better than letting them deteriorate in an attic or basement.

    I'm also a cat fan, so kudos on feeding the poor little guy. I hate seeing any person or animal in pain. Strange, my cat doesn't play with cicadas, or any other insects for that matter. They may take away his cat license if this continues (though he loves the squirrels and mice, so I think he's safe).

    Also the house in the picture is awesome. Very haunted house-like. All right, I really have to stop writing, or this comment will be longer than the post. Again great post, I'm positive I'm not the only one reading. Oh, and excellent graphics as well!