Monday, January 9, 2012

Did Someone Change The Season Already?

Or why is my lawn green(ish)?

I just thought I'd share a few quick photos taken at the farm over the last couple weeks, just to show how dramatic the weather's been up here, it's insane!

These photos were taken New Years Eve...


Drive side of the house

Looking into our neighbours cornfield

The barn - such as it is

Now these photos were taken January 7th - a mere week apart

Front of house

The previously snow clad driveway

Our treed area

Same neighbours cornfield

Front lawn

   It was a balmy 9 degrees when we went up on Satuday, had their been no wind it would have been really and truly warm!  Such a lovely day, days like that are truly a treat this time of year, especially for those of us itching to skip right into spring and get some food in the ground, chickens on the lawn, and a cow in the barn.  Sometimes the only thing pulling us through is those periodic days when the sun beats down on us with open abundance.  I have winter issues, can you tell?

 So as it stands the count down is on for the move - with any luck we'll be out of here and into there by the 28th, but I'm crossing my fingers it'll be sooner.  My 8.5 month pregnant self doesn't want to push it any close to 'the time' than they have to, and while three weeks doesn't sound like much, I could very well be a complete and total whale by then with little to no ability to make myself mobile, let along any furiture or boxes.  We've done it before with mere weeks to spare, and I don't still have nightmares about it.  You know how they say 'someday you'll look back and laugh!', so far it's been 5 years and I still don't find it funny.  We're also hoping beyond hope (and this will infact jinx it) that this whether keeps up (or simply returns, I am totally okay with fabulous returning weather) for the move, I am so scared I'm going to wake up on the 28th to 3' of snow and ice and an hour long plus drive to the farm navigating back farm roads in a scary moving truck.  We have never moved in the winter and there are so many more variables in the winter than the summer!  But we will be SO thrilled to get there.  Although I have this niggling, irrational fear that after years of wanting this I'm going to get there, get settled, and hate it.  Realistically I don't think it'll be that big of an adjustment though, we aren't huge city people, so we should be okay. 

   So here's to appreciating fab weather, and looking onward and upward to scary/exciting moves!!!

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  1. Jenn, just found your blog after you stopped in to say Hi on mine. Oh oh oh I love your house. How old is it? What state do you live in ? How can you be having your 5th child when you look like you are only 12? I guess I will have to return to get all these questions answered