Tuesday, July 8, 2008

My Feet Feel Like A Babies Bottom...

Ahhh... Sweet relaxation. I said I wouldn't share before/after pictures of my pedicure. I promised. I will keep that promise. But, I'll still going to tell you about it. Let me start by reminding you that the last time I received a pedicure not issued by Mr. Pretties (Who is not half bad, let me tell you!) was 5 or 6 years ago. Yes years, you know that grouping of 12 months at a time? 5 or 6 of those. That's a longish time. This wasn't one of those spas in a hair salon, or one of those really big spas you get lost in and have an agenda you have to stick to etc... etc... Nope this spa 'La Petite Spa' ( www.lapetitespa.ca ) was a little tiny... err... petite piece of decadence in the upper loft of a 100 year old building up town. You know how I feel about things that are old. If they had tried to rub my feet with a camels rear end I still would have thought it was fabulous (They didn't by the way). Besides the mass amounts of character this place exuded from it's antique wood work/ windows/doors/ceilings/lead paint... uhh... never mind... it was also painted the most devine chocolate brown on two walls, pink on a window wall, and had an amazing original rock and wood wall. This paired up with chocolate velvet curtains, antique and shabby chic pieces of furniture, and a pedicure 'throne' who I will soon be introducing as my boyfriend, equaled pure love. They even brought me my ice water in a champagne glass. Now that's class. All the accessories, including the nail polish remover were pink. Have I told you all how much I adore pink, especially when it's coupled with brown?

We'll need to have a post on that situation soon. Love it. I believe 30 seconds into my manicure my eyes glazed over and I mentally went to sleep. I'm sure my manicurist (Is that the right term?) thought I thought she was doing a crap job and was meerly trying to keep myself awake long enough to escape. I didn't even care anymore that I'm an excessive nail biter and that my hands look like someone chewed them up and spit them out. I now have hands that smell like grapefruits and legs and feet that smell like Fruit Loops. (I'm glad I had the fore sight to shave my legs too, that could have been ackward) So this was classified as the best birthday present ever, and affirmed my suspicions that my cousin loves me more than Mr. Pretties to issue such a wonderful gift.

As if that weren't productive enough I did infact get my Etsy and email pictures uploaded. It only took me an hour to figure out that my camera wasn't on therefore the computer would not recognize it, ergo, no pictures will upload. After that it was all gravy. I was in a hurry though because Mr. Pretties needed to be at work pronto, and I needed him to transport me home before he went there. So in my haste I emailed myself the 200 pictures I required (Out of the 740 I would have liked to have had) and patted myself on the back. From there I planned to upload them to Photobucket for safe keepings and future uploading extravaganzas. I got home all stoked to load the pictures to my Etsy listings (I'm so impatient I listed all my Etsy items already with no pictures, I'm shameless) and low and behold... no pictures. Crap. I forgot that Hotmail is not my friend and didn't like me trying to send 30MB of pictures to my inbox. It was so annoyed infact it didn't even bother to bounce the email back or tell me that it hadn't accepted them. I think it was being passive-aggressive. But my aunt came to my rescue and resent them all this evening and I got them uploaded to Etsy and emailed out to the group that wanted them. What a relief! Not to mention my Etsy listings look so much prettier when it doesn't look like I'm trying to sell a grey box. I laughed because even though there clearly were no pictures, people still clicked on the listing to see what was up. Maybe I should have temporarily listed them as 'invisible clips' and see how that went. Someone would probably order one to be a smartass though, and I'd have to come up with an invisible clip. Here's a small taste of some basic clips that were uploaded today through much time and effort:
There are more, but quite frankly this whole uploading/downloading/sideloading is tiring and I've done more of it than I care to discuss. If you want to see fruits of my hard labour (I mean the uploading part) they can be seen at http://www.meaghanmariepretties.etsy.com/

I'm off to answer some more emails now, send some pictures, and hopefully not mess up to many communications. Or maybe I'll wait until tomorrow, believe it or not, all that luxurious pampering managed to give me the first headache I've had in months. Must've hit the wrong 'trigger' in my foot, as long as they didn't hit the 'eject baby' button I'm okay with that...

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